Ride for a Challenge


 Ride your bike for a total of 48 hours between September 12 and 19.


 For biking enthusiasts who are looking for a great challenge.

  • Individual, family or team participation.

 Have you already participated in the 48-HOUR RIDE?

  • This challenge was created for you! We encourage you to share the hours with your teammates and ride 8 hours each to accumulate the 48 hours, just like our signature event. 


 Choose the schedule that suits you best between September 12th and the 19th, 2020.

Where? (your choice)

    Indoors : on a bike mounted on a training base, a stationary bike or in a fitness center. As a team, use a digital platform like Zoom, Google Meets or Zwift, to ride together.  

    Outdoors in your neighborhood, on a scenic route or on a biking path. Prepare your route ahead of time! For teams, you could ride separately or in a group, respecting physical distance guidelines. You could even do a mix of indoor and outdoor. 


If you don't have a bike, why not walkrun or even rollerblade
All forms of exercise are welcome!

Thank you to our Sponsors