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Looking for information on hosting a DIY fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Canada?
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How should I fundraise for Make-A-Wish? 

Think about what you love doing and how you can share that with others.  Crafts, food, shows, classes or a parties are just some options! Visit our 23 ideas in 2024 page for more great ideas! 

Do I have to sign up online to do a fundraiser? 

Yes, to get started you must sign up online.  Let’s get started here:


What is the Fundraiser Portal? 

When you sign up online, your Fundraiser Portal houses everything you’ll need for a successful online fundraiser! Once you’ve logged in to the site, your Fundraiser Portal is your one-stop fundraising shop! From here, you can edit and personalize your fundraising page, send fundraising emails out to your contacts, download the fundraising toolkit and find other helpful resources.

How can I access my registration and fundraising page?

Log into your dashboard. On the home page of the event website at the top right of the page, there is a log in button with a lock symbol. Click that to get started!

Can I use the Make-A-Wish logo?

Promotional materials must state that you and/or your organization are conducting a fundraising initiative “In support of Make-A-Wish Canada.”  We have a special Make-A-Wish 'in support of' fundraiser logo that is available for you to use on any materials you develop on your own.  

The Make-A-Wish logo is a registered trademark; please do not alter the logo in any way. Be sure to leave adequate space around the logo so that it is not crowded by other visual elements. Please don’t copy and paste the logo from an online search. We have the logo in blue, white and bilingual. For an .eps version, please contact us at  

Logo Blue      Logo White     Bilingual Logo Blue   Bilingual Logo White

Are there any age restrictions to creating a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish?

Participants of all ages are encouraged to register and raise funds! 

Is there a fee to participate?

There is no registration fee. You can set your own fundraising goal and there is no financial obligation to reach this goal.

*Note: All monies raised are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you withdraw from the event, any funds that have come in will be considered a general event donation.

I want to hold a ticketed event. Can I do that on my page? 

Your online fundraising page is for donations only and can’t support the sale of tickets. Once you register, you’ll gain access to a downloadable toolkit with tips for promoting and fundraising for online ticketed events.

Will Make-A-Wish reimburse my event expenses? 

The organizer of the activity is responsible for all aspects of the fundraising initiative, budgeting and all expenses incurred. Please see the Legal Policies & Guidelines.

Do I need to tell you my fundraiser is over or close my page?

Your fundraising page will remain open for the rest of the year and there is no action you need to take.

Will Make-A-Wish promote my event? 

From time to time, Make-A-Wish Canada may make note of certain DIY fundraisers through its social media, so as to provide examples to the public about the types of fundraising they can do. We encourage you to tag us on our social media platforms so we can repost. This will be done generally, and is not intended to specifically promote your online fundraiser. When you sign up online you’ll have access to a toolkit that has information, tips and tools to help with your own online promotion.

Will a Make-A-Wish staff member attend my event? 

We are honoured that you’ve decided to support us but we may not be able to provide a staff member or ambassador to speak or appear on behalf of the Foundation. If you are speaking to a local staff member you may ask to see if there is availability or contact us at to talk more about it.

Is there a fundraising minimum?

There are no registration fees, or minimum fundraisings to support Make-A-Wish Canada. We provide lots of useful tools and support to help you raise as much as possible.  

What if I don’t reach my fundraising goal? 

When you sign up online, we ask you to set a fundraising goal. We encourage you to aim high while being realistic. That said, you’re not held to your initial goal, and you can change your fundraising goal on your page at any time. We have helpful hints, tips and toolkits to help with your fundraising for you to check out. Make sure to consult your ‘Welcome Guide’ from your sign-up email to see how you can get started.

How can I reach my fundraising goal?

The first step is to download the helpful toolkits to check out tips and ideas on fundraising and to provide some inspiration to get started. Here are some of our top tips!

  1. Personalize your fundraising page and include your ‘why’. Sharing why you are fundraising for Make-A-Wish is a powerful way to let your friends, family and colleagues know what impact their donation will have.
  2. Donate to yourself! Research shows that if you make the first donation on your fundraising page, you’re likely to raise 75% more funds. Picking a good amount can also help set a trend for the donations you receive and lets your fans see that you’re as passionate about the cause that you want them to be too.
  3. Spread the word! Use our email templates in the participant portal to send emails to your friends, family and colleagues, inspiring them with your dedication and asking for a donation. Don’t limit yourself to just emails, think about the reach you have on social media and use our ‘social tools’ (hyperlink to page) to spread the word across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  4. Send a reminder! People are busy, and often need a few prompts to follow through on a donation. On average people need 2-3 nudges to make a gift, so make sure you follow up on your emails and social posts and engage your fans with why you’re fundraising to encourage more donations.
Will Make-A-Wish help me fundraise?

We’re grateful to have your support and have made tools to help you do just that. Make sure you download your 'Welcome Guide' to get some quick tips to starting your fundraising journey. We’re always on hand to help should you need us, just email the team at We can provide you with a letter to confirm your support of Make-A-Wish if required as well as social tools for sharing your fundraising efforts.

Where does the money I raise go?

Your support will go towards ensuring that every eligible child in Canada receives their wish. A wish is a personal and meaningful experience for our wish kids and their families and the funds raised support ensuring that this magical experience is everything they hoped for. You can read more about the types of things your donations can pay for here. 

Will donations get a tax receipt?

All donations made online will automatically get a tax receipt via email. Cash or cheque donations of more than $20 received via mail will also be issued tax receipts if full contact information and an address are provided. 

If your donor does not receive a receipt in their inbox within a few minutes of sending your donation, please ask them to check their Junk (hotmail users), Spam (gmail users) or Bulk (yahoo users) email folder just in case the receipt email got delivered there instead of their inbox. If so, select the message and click ‘Not Junk’, to allow future messages to get through.

A supporter has given me a cheque or cash! Can I send this to you?

Yes, cheques and cash can be mailed to the national office. In order for the donor to receive a tax receipt (applicable to donations over $20), in the donor’s envelope with the cheque/cash please ask the donor to fill in a donation form or pledge form. 

The address to mail cheque/cash into is: Make-A-Wish Canada, 350 - 1101 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON, L1V 1B5

Donation Form DONATION FORM         Pledge FormPLEDGE FORM 

I have a donor who is willing to call in a credit card donation. Can they call the office? 

The single BEST way to make a donation is online via a personal fundraising page (donors will instantly be issued an electronic tax receipt).

Your donor can also call the national office, at 1-888-822-9474.

Instead of sending cash, can I write a cheque or make the donation online for the donor?
(Can I make a donation on behalf of my donor online?)

You can always keep the cash and write us a cheque in place of a cash delivery (see instructions for cheque mailing above).

Please refrain from keeping a donor’s cash and making a credit card donation on their behalf online.

As per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, the charity must issue a receipt in the name of the true donor(s) of the gift. To submit a credit card donation on someone’s behalf puts you in violation of this rule, as a receipt would be issued to YOU, and NOT your donor. You can call our national office to make the credit card payment over the phone with us, to avoid this situation. You can contact the national office at 1-888-822-9474.

Is it safe to donate online?

When you or your supporters donate online to Make-A-Wish Canada, your information is completely secure. We use the highest levels of internet security and encryption to protect your credit card and personal information.

Will my information be shared or traded with anyone?

We collect your personal information in order to process your donation, issue a tax receipt, and provide updates about our impact and other ways to help. Your personal information will not be sold or traded with other organizations. For more information about our privacy practices, view our privacy policy at

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