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How Your Money Helps

How Your Money Helps


A wish is an integral part of a child’s treatment journey. When a wish comes true, it can build physical and emotional strength to fight critical illnesses. When you support a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish, you are part of a community helping grant more wishes. For each donation you make, you could be helping in the following ways:


 Gift of Accessibility - $2,500

Wish children often need special medical equipment to travel safely. For kids with neurological and genetic conditions, collapsible wheelchairs, and transfer supports make road trips and airplane rides more accessible. Your gift also goes towards home-based equipment so wish children can be included in everyday activities. Swimming pool lifts and accessibility swings ensure kids can have fun with their family and friends in their own backyards. Help remove barriers with the gift of accessibility.


 Help Build A Wish Child’s Playhouse - $1,000

Play is an important part of a child’s healthy development. But for children with critical illnesses, it can be challenging to safely access playgrounds. This gift helps wish children to find recreation and fun in their own backyards with a custom-made playhouse. Designed to meet their physical needs, this safe space gives wish children the chance to enjoy hours of fun with their family and friends. Help kids to just be kids with the gift of play.



 Help Grant a Travel Wish - $500

Hospital stays and doctor’s visits cause kids with critical illnesses to feel isolated from the world around them. It’s no wonder that over 50 percent of all wish children want a travel-related wish to come true. Experiencing new scenery and fun activities offer kids an escape from the challenges of their daily routine. Help a travel wish take flight for children with critical illnesses.

 Gift Of Connection - $250

From headsets to phones and tablets, tech devices help children to stay connected to the world around them. Video calls help kids to feel included in family celebrations, and instant messaging provides real-time support when they just need a friend. Help make a tech lover’s dream come true with the gift of connection.


  “I Wish to Be” for a Day - $100

“When I grow up, I wish to be a firefighter!” Every day, children with critical illnesses share dreams just like this one. Whether a child wants to be a pop star or the prime minister, Make-A-Wish® works with local communities to make these dreams a reality. Give kids a chance to experience their dreams today.