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How to Raise $10K

How To Raise $10K

We've put our heads together to come up with some great ideas for you to use to help us grant wishes this year. 


  • Who is part of your giving circle? Make 10 asks of $1000 or make your circle wider and make 100 asks of $100.
  • Approach 20 different companies you frequent often and make the ask of $500 (you could offer them in-kind gifts from your own company or skillset in return).
  • Reach out to your company to see if they have a matching program in place. You could get your company on board by engaging management to make donations or they could match your grand total of fundraising. If no matching program exists, your team may be inspired by your efforts and decide to contribute anyway.
  • Reach out to local businesses and corporations for corporate sponsorship opportunities.
  • On an advisory board? Make the ask of a donation from each member at your next meeting.
  • If you are having a birthday or celebration, ask your guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts.
  • Every day for one week, text 10 of your contacts using our messaging templates, with an ask for a donation. Almost 20% of donations come through mobile devices. 

*Pro Tip: Follow up – It has been proven that it takes at least four follow-ups with donors to get the donation. Don’t be shy, you are asking for a good cause! Some people need more than one email or call and will appreciate the reminder.

  • Are you able to make a personal match? Share with your potential donors that you will personally match what they contribute. Don’t forget to remind them that they get a tax receipt!
  • Do you own shares? When you transfer ownership of your shares to Make-A-Wish Canada, no capital gains tax is paid.  Because Make-A-Wish Canada liquidates donor-transferred shares, stock, bonds, mutual funds, or securities, the full value of your health care investment goes to meet your goal of raising $10,000—at a reduced net cost to you and your estate.
    • Advantages:
      • No capital gains tax.
      • Official tax receipt for the total appreciated amount, reducing the net cost to you and your estate.
      • Comfort knowing that your donation’s maximum value will enable life changing wishes for children with critical illness.

*Pro Tip: Update your electronic email signature – Download our custom email signature image and link your fundraising page URL (web address). This way, at the click of a button, potential donors can read why you are participating in this campaign, and easily donate, too. 

  • Host an auction.
  • Organize a raffle or 50/50 .
  • Create incentives for your donors by offering something in return for supporting you reaching your goal.
  • Host an event or dinner party and ask guests to donate on your fundraising page as their “ticket” to the event. 
  • Host a wine or gift card survivor fundraiser by including an entry fee donation and buy-backs through donating. 
  • Launch a cause marketing campaign by creating or selling products, with proceeds going to your campaign.
  • Crowdfunding: Utilise your social media by scheduling 1 post per week to make the asks. Use these posts to talk about the mission, wish children and your ‘why’. 

We want to make sure you have plenty of tools to help you make these asks and showcase that you are participating in an amazing campaign, so be sure to check out your fundraising toolkit you’ve received from your Make-A-Wish representative. We have social tools, and pre-written messages to help get you started.