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The choice is yours. Sometimes our fundraising visions do not fit in just one category.  ​ 

Do-It-Yourself fundraising allows you to take your passion and creativity so you can create your own unique fundraising vision. Use your imagination and think out of the box to produce your own idea.  

Whether it be a Tuesday trivia night, a cooking class, car rally or fundraiser with your company, this category allows you to be as creative as possible. Stuck on an idea – be sure to check out our 23 ideas in 2023 tool to help you brainstorm.   

Create your own Do-It-Yourself fundraiser and make an impact today! 



Create your fundraiser and personalize your page using all the handy tools on this site!

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Whether you want to do your own thing, or use one of our handy toolkits, we have you covered. 


Set your goal, and raise funds to help grant the wish of every child across Canada.