Join us on May 5, 2023

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HockeyFest Mission

Growing up, all we ever wanted to do was play as much hockey as possible. Whether it was Sunday morning skates or late night games, pre-game cheers or puck drop, road trips and mini sticks or make-shift street hockey, our passion for the game has shaped us into who we are today.  It has taught us to be team players, to respect others, to listen carefully, what effort truly means, and that you can’t always win. With sticks in our hands and a team surrounding us, nothing else matters.

Forget about yelling “car”, dragging nets to the curbs, or running down the street to get your ball. Forget about trying to remember the score and about calling your own penalties. Take the essence of hockey, the integration of real rinks, the support of official referees and you get the largest road hockey tournament in North America. Each game is played on 50% to scale NHL sized rinks with real boards, real netting and real referees. With this, we bring you Hockeyfest - Game On!

Each tournament features street or pond hockey for divisions of all ages and genders without the worry of your ball going out, fencing going down or unofficial refereeing.     

Music will be playing at each rink throughout the day. Indulge in your favorite food and beverage vendors, drinks with the team, and kill time by playing our interactive games such as the hardest shot, mini stick rinks, shooting accuracy and more. Hockeyfest - Game On! is bringing the passion of sport, music, food and fun together for a family-fun festival.

For event information, check out the HockeyFest website here!