Trailblaze Challenge BC & Yukon

Participez le 13 septembre 2019

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Détails de l'événement
Lieu Manning Park Resort
Manning Park, BC
Début 13/09/2019 @ 9:00
Fin 15/09/2019 @ 0:00
Inscription s.o.
Date limite d'inscription 14/07/2019 @ 0:00
Date limite de remise des dons 14/10/2019 @ 0:00
Personne-ressource Monique Green
Téléphone 604-688-7944 Ext: 6167

2019 Trailblaze Challenge

If you love the outdoors, making a difference, and challenging yourself then this is the experience for you! Thank you for taking the first step towards learning about this new and exciting adventure. Through the Trailblaze Challenge you will push yourself, meet new people, and transform the lives of local children fighting a critical illness.

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