Make-A-Wish® / Fais-Un-VoeuMD Québec is an independent Chapter, part of Make-A-Wish Canada. This allows us to share national partnerships and logistical support, as well as linkages with other provincial offices.

Make-A-Wish Canada is an affiliate of Make-A-Wish® International, which is the largest wish-granting organization in the world, serving nearly 50 countries across 5 continents, making dreams and wishes come true for 415,000 children since 1980 with the help of more than 30,000 volunteers.


A wish holds within it the magic of HOPE, STRENGTH, and JOY. In order for this magic to happen, we attend to every child’s unique imagination, and grant them their deepest wish.
The process allows for the child and their family to confront the daily challenges of coping with a child’s illness.
For these reasons, every wish becomes a priority for the Foundation!


Any person can refer a child as long as the parents are aware. Beyond this, there are four criteria that must be met:
The child has a life-threatening medical condition
The child is between 3 and 17 years of age.
The child has the cognitive ability of a 3 year old 
The child has not received a prior wish from any wish-granting organization.
The child’s treating physician makes the final decision as to whether the child is medically eligible. 

The Foundation covers all costs and planning related to the wish. Our amazing volunteers will accompany the child and their family throughout the entire wish granting process and answer any questions they may have. They ensure the wish granting process falls in line with the child’s health.

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