How to change the team’s captain?

Please contact Patricia at 514-488-9474 ext 6245, or 

How to leave a team?

Please contact Patricia at 514-488-9474 ext 6245, or 

Can a team be more than 6 participants?

No, the maximum of participants is 6.

How to change participants from on team to another?

The participant must select Team in his profile and then select 'Join Team' and choose the new Team.

How to receive a tax receipt?

Your receipt will be attached to the email you will receive within a few minutes of sending your donation. You can also download it from your account when you log in to the 48 HOUR RIDE website. 

If you do not receive a receipt in your inbox within a few minutes of sending your donation, please check your Junk (hotmail users), Spam (gmail users) or Bulk (yahoo users) E-mail folder just in case the receipt email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If so, select the message and click Not Junk, to allow future messages to get through.

If you need more help, please contact Karla at 514-488-9474 ext. 6240 or to receive a new tax receipt. Please send the name of the donor, the date of the donation and the amount.

How do we make an offline donation?
(when a participant collects cash/cheque or payment is made with the credit card of the participant and not the donor)

  • Log into your profile online at
  • Under the tab called Donations, click on Add Offline Donation
  • Add the information of the donor (name, address, email) and select Add donation
  • Then either call the Foundation at 514 488-9474 ext 6245, to make the payment with your credit card, or send the cheque (in the name of the foundation) or cash to the Foundation's office.
  • Once the payment is made or the cash/cheque is received, the system will send your donor a receipt.

How do we reserve on site places for tents and RVs?

The site is very vast, therefore you don't need to reserve a place. There is room for everyone!

How do we get on the 48 HOUR-RIDE site?

See maps to the 48-HOUR RIDE

Will there be toilets and showers at the 48-HOUR RIDE site?

We will put at your disposal sanitary toilets and showers on the 48-HOUR RIDE site. All you have to do is bring your toiletteries!

Will we be able to park our car on the site?

Certainly, you will be able to park your car directly on the main apron.

Can children or guests accompany us on the trail at Children's Day?

Your children and guests are welcome to ride with you at all times.

Will we be provided electricity in our living areas?

Each living area will have access to a 110-volt outlet. You must bring an extension cord with a minimum of 100 feet

Will food be provided to us?

Hot meals will be served and snacks will be available all day and night. Everything is offered to you!

What to do in case of an injury to a member of our team just before 48-HOUR RIDE?

In this situation, you will be able to replace your injured teammate with an external person so that you can remain 6 on the team. The captain will simply have to inform us of this change.

Do trailers have access to water and electricity on the site?

You will have access to an electrical outlet of 15 amps (110 volts), you must provide an extension of a minimum of 100 feet to join your electrical circuit. Unfortunately, there is no access to water.

Until what time do we have access by car to the living areas on Friday?

You have until 11 am to access your living areas on Friday. Then you will still have access to your living area, but not by car.

What space do we have as a team in the dormitory tents?

Each team will have access to a rest area of approximately 300 sq. Ft. in a dormitory tent.

Is it possible to bring a BBQ or an auxiliary propane heater?

You can bring a BBQ or propane booster heater to your living area only. They will be forbidden in the dormitory tents.

Are helmets mandatory on the track?

Helmets are mandatory for the safety of all participants.

Are dogs allowed on the 48-HOUR RIDE site?

Dogs are welcomed to the 48-HOUR RIDE, but must be on a leash at all times.

Can I enter and leave the site at any time

You can access the parking and living areas at anytime.

What time can I park my trailer on the site?

September 13th, you will be able to bring your trailer between 3 pm and 10 pm. Friday of the event as of 8 am.

Can I have guests on the site?

Yes, your family and friends are welcome.