Looking for an idea for an original fundraiser? We have a solution for you! OM Bracelets has partnered with Make-A-Wish Quebec to create a range of hand-made bracelets crafted with semi-precious stones in the Foundation's colours. 

Founded by two individuals who are passionate about art, psychology and spirituality, OM Bracelets innovates in the holistic environment by creating energetic bracelets. Each of their creations is unique and embodies a different energy. 

For each bracelet sold at $ 25 (including taxes), $ 10 will be added to your fundrasing page. We encourage you to presale the bracelets and then place your order. A minimum of 10 bracelets is required to place an order and a delay of one week is expected for production. If you would like to order bracelets, please fill the order form below and send by email at: info@makeawishqc.ca .


order form

* Please note that no tax receipts will be issued for bracelet purchases.


We have created a solicitation email to help you sell bracelets and raise funds!  You can access it by clicking below.