Set your company apart by including 5K Foam Fest into your team-building activities and join us for a day you won't forget.

Say goodbye to the boring company potluck lunches or the trust fall exercises because nothing says team building like being caked in mud or foam! With over 24 awesome obstacles, 5K Foam Fest is the Foamiest, Muddiest, most exciting 5K challenge out there.  The 5K Foam Fest has all the mud pits and trail-running obstacles you could ask for - but with a foamy fun twist! So whether you're an expert mudder or a first time foamster, you'll LOVE running, jumping, and bouncing your way through our obstacles filled with mud, fun, and 2.5 million cubic feet of fluffy white foam!

“Our firm cares about the community and makes donations for good causes. Our team had a lot of fun at the event.  We all stuck together and encouraged each other through the obstacles.”

Christine, Abbotsford 2018 5K Foam Fest Participant

This action-packed fun run is suited for all levels.  It's challenging and fun group outing that will bring your employees closer together and with Make-A-Wish as the charity partner, your corporate team will be able to do some good while having the time of their life!

Outdoor adventure team-building opportunities have shown to improve productivity, increase motivation, strengthen collaboration, encourage creativity, improve communications and create opportunities for colleagues to forge life-long friendships and create memories.  Register at 5Kfoamfest.com/canada and to create your team fundraising page click here