5K Foam Fest

2021 Events

Become a #fundraisingfoamy today! You can support Make-A-Wish® by creating your own fundraising page and asking your network to support Make-A-Wish by sponsoring you.  Participants can take part in a variety of ways: as individuals, in teams, or as part of a colleague group. You can also make an event donation by selecting the location you would like to support here.

Participating in the 5K Foam Fest and fundraising for Make-A-Wish is a three-Step process.

Step 1: To register for 5K Foam Fest and purchase your event tickets visit: the5kfoamfest.com/canada 

Step 2: To create your personal fundraising page, select your event location from the list below. Please note that you are not registered for the 5k Foam Fest if you've only created a fundraising page.  You need to register for the event using the link in step 1. 



Step 3: Fundraise! Here are some tips to help you get started on your fundraising journey.

Customize your fundraising ask - Send a personal message to your social media contacts.  Individuals are more likely to donate when the request is sent to them directly vs. a large group or via a general Facebook post. Often the assumption with a large group is that someone else will step up to make the donation. The 1:1 reach out ensures donors know their help is requested and appreciated!

Tag and Thank” approach.  This is a great way to publicly thank your friends and family for donating to you. Plus, by tagging them in your post, the message is shared with their contacts too!  The more you publicly thank your donors, the more visible your campaign becomes, and the more likely you are to have others support your cause. Below is an example of how to “Tag and Thank” your donors.

Generate awareness - Not only is social media a great way to solicit donations, it is also a great place to share information about Make-A-Wish ®. Be sure to “Like” our Make-A-Wish® Facebook page.  We regularly post local wish stories, and other information about Make-A-Wish which you can share.  “Like” our posts or repost them on your wall.  It’s that easy!  This helps donors to see your commitment to the cause and it helps to demonstrate the impact of their donations on some very special children.

Share your fundraising journey - Regularly update your donors and potential sponsors as to where you are in your fundraising journey. This will keep donors and potential sponsors connected and engaged in your participation in the 5K Foam Fest event. This is also a great way to thank the people who have helped to support your fundraising journey. 

Remember everyone is a potential donor - Get into the habit of asking for a donation! You can even ask for support in lieu of gifts for birthdays and holidays.  Start with the people you know and feel comfortable around - your warm contacts.  This will guarantee you some sponsors as well as boost your confidence.  Ask your family, friends, neighbours and co-workers

The most important fundraising tip of all - HAVE FUN!