How did you get involved with the 5K Foam Fest?

A friend and co-worker brought this event to my attention. As soon as I realized what it was, and what it stood for, I was immediately interested and excited about participating. An event that is so fun and for such a great cause is hard for me to resist. 

What inspires you about Make-A-Wish® and the work we do?

Make-A-Wish has always inspired me. Providing life-changing opportunities for children dealing with such devastating health conditions really touches my heart, and even more so now that I am a mother. I’ve followed Make-A-Wish for the better part of my life. Seeing the work that they do and experiences they provide to these children who have been through so much, is truly remarkable. My continued support for this organization is unquestionable. 

What inspired you to create a fundraising page and how did you feel when you committed to raising funds in support of Make-A-Wish?

Creating a fundraising page is the least that I could do to support this cause. I have a network of people around me that often participate or contribute to charitable foundations and events. I’ve supported many of them through their fundraising efforts and asked of nothing in return. Now is their time to shine and support Make-A-Wish!

If you could share a message with all the Foam Fest participants (more than 65,000 in Canada) to inspire them to create a fundraising page and raise funds for Make-A-Wish, what would that message be?

Creating a page is not only the easiest thing to do, it could also be the most impactful! You never know who will contribute to support your fundraising efforts. And you truly won’t know unless you try. Your friends and family love you and will support your efforts! Trust me. 


To make a donation, please visit Krista’s 5K Foam Fest fundraising page.