August 8th 2020, 12:00 noon EST

Donna Dooher from Mildred’s Temple Kitchen will provide all the insider tips for making their famous blueberry pancakes.

Donna’s been skipping the light fandango through the Toronto restaurant scene since she
and her partner, Kevin Gallagher, opened the beloved Mildred Pierce Restaurant in the
city’s west end warehouse district. Always up for a great kitchen party Donna went on to
create the Cookworks Cooking Studio, which parlayed into a popular Food Network show
called The Cookworks with Donna Dooher, watched by foodie fans around the world
discovering their love of food in their own kitchens. Donna introduced the phenomena of
brunch to the sleepy town of TO when Sunday’s were just a day of ‘rest’ and went on to
publish her award-winning cookbook Out To Brunch. She joined forces with the country’s
top designers and publishers to bring Wish magazine to Canadian readers and the best
seller Wish | Market to Table cookbook.

Donna’s latest venture, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village,
reflects her commitment for the return to the table and her passion for locally sourced,
seasonal ingredients, simply and sumptuously prepared. Donna is actively involved in
Canada’s hospitality community and a self-proclaimed ‘fork hugger’, dedicated to
supporting Ontario farmers and local agriculture.

Donna’s served as the National Chair of Taste Canada, the Chair of The Board of
Directors and CEO of Restaurants Canada, Co-chair of the YES CHEF! Fundraising
Campaign at George Brown College and has worked extensively with Brand Canada to
promote Canadian hospitality around the globe.

Donna’s approach to cooking (and life in general) - cook with love and reckless