Games Ideas

We want you to have FUN when taking part in Play for Wishes which is why we wanted to share lots of different games to inspire your game play weekend. Whether you want to play board games, do an online zoom quiz or play some fun online games with friends, we have some tips, tricks and tools to help you have fun. 

So, what about Board Games? Was your goal for this year to have less screen time or spend more time in person with family? Now is the perfect time to put away your tablets, close your apps and break out all those board games on the shelf in the basement.  Board games are the best way to spend time with friends or unwind with family after a hectic week running around with school or work. They can also bring out the competitive side in us all, some board games more than others (did someone say Monopoly?!).

Over the last several months with the limited choice in activities, board games have made a comeback in households. You may have found your personal board game collection has grown through the roof, or, you may be looking for some inspiration. If that's you, just click the links below to check out some game ideas. 

Board Games not your thing? No problem! Why not think about hosting an online Trivia Night or Bingo Game? We have the tools to help you, just check out our Resource List. 

Finally, perhaps you just want to play online? We got you covered! Check out our ideas for some fun games online.