You may have a basement full of board games to keep you entertained all weekend, or you may be used to playing games online. Either way, we're here to make sure you have some great supplies for your weekend of fun. Just click to download any of the tools below to make your event memorable. 

We will also be sending more fun game ideas and tools with your registration pack once you're signed up!


Trivia Night

Fundraising Pack
Fillable Poster 
Goal Poster
Trivia Questions
Score Sheet

Bingo Night

Fundraising Pack
Bingo Call List 1
Bingo Call List 2
Bingo Call List 3
Fillable Bingo Poster
Goal Poster


Kids Activities 

The Make-A-Wish Colouring Sheets

The Hospital for Children Activity Book 


Extra resources to help make your event a success

Pledge Forms
Make-A-Wish Factsheet 
Printable Thermometer 
Thank you Postcard