Make-A-Wish® (MAW) is the world’s leading children’s wish-granting organization, serving communities across Canada by creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Our mandate is to bring every eligible child's wish to life.  



We grant the most heartfelt wish of children all across Canada and we want to introduce you to one of these kids today. Sarina’s wish was granted in 2017 when she was 17.  Sarina is a lovely young woman living with an epileptic disorder. Sarina has had many obstacles in her young life, however, nothing was going to stop her from her ultimate wish to perform at her favourite artist, Shawn Mendes' concert. Make-A-Wish made that lifelong dream come true – and so much more.

Prior to Sarina’s sound check, she was greeted and comforted by her favourite artist – Shawn Mendes himself, providing some great advice before she hit the stage.  When the big moment came, Sarina stepped out on stage at the Shawn Mendes concert where she performed her original song, before 22,000 people. A natural born talented entertainer, Sarina appeared incredibly confident and owned the stage. Without skipping a beat, enhancing her surreal experience, she requested the audience to turn on their cell phone lights while she sang her beautifully written, meaningful lyrics.

Take a watch of Sarina's performance:

In Sarina’s own words of her Wish experience,

“Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for being a part of my insane, crazy, cool journey. I am still blown away with what happened and I am proud to say it all happened with your help. I am glad you were with me every step of the way.”