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Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

We know that you’re going to want to share your activity on your social channels, and we want to make sure you have plenty of tools to help. These tools were built to help you achieve your fundraising goal, promote your activity, and share your progress, all through social media.

Click on the images to download (or right click to save) and share your "WHY" with family, colleagues, and friends.



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Donate to my fundraising:

From {date}  to {date}, I'm fundraising for Make-A-Wish so they can continue to grant wishes and create magic for kids living with critical illnesses illnesses. Can you support me today by making a donation on my fundraising page? It's safe, secure and easy. Any amount you give today will help me reach my goal and support
more children - link's in bio!

Support my fundraiser:

I’m hosting {insert name of event} on {insert date of event} in support of Make-A-Wish. Their goal is to bring every eligible child's wish to life. Challenges related to COVID-19 persisted through last year, and we still have thousands of wishes waiting to be granted. We cannot grant those wishes without your help. Will you support my fundraiser? {insert link to fundraising page}

Donor thank you:

Thank you to all of my generous donors for helping support my fundraising efforts for Make-A-Wish. A child is diagnosed with a critical illness every 20 minutes. With three new children facing critical illnesses each and every hour, our need for donations is continuous. Thanks to your support, we’re one step closer to ensuring that no child will have to wait for their wish.

Make-A-Wish Messaging to use: 
  • Make-A-Wish® is the world’s leading children’s wish-granting organization, serving every community across Canada by creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.
  • A child is diagnosed with a critical illness every 20 minutes. With three new children facing critical illnesses each and every hour, our need for donations is continuous.
  • For the wish children and families we serve, finding hope in challenging circumstances is something they have been doing long before any of us heard the word “lockdown.” Robbed of the simple joys of childhood, hospital stays, doctor’s visits and painful treatments are their “normal.”
  • Through all the uncertainty, one thing has remained constant: every child’s wish begins with the hope. When a wish child has something to look forward to, everything begins to change. Help us bring hope to these children. Donate today.


Pre-written message templates


Promotional materials must state that you and/or your organization are conducting a fundraising initiative “In support of Make-A-Wish Canada.”  We have a special Make-A-Wish 'in support of' fundraiser logo that is available for you to use on any materials you develop on your own.  

The Make-A-Wish logo is a registered trademark; please do not alter the logo in any way. Be sure to leave adequate space around the logo so that it is not crowded by other visual elements. Please don’t copy and paste the logo from an online search. We have the logo in blue, white and bilingual. For an .eps version, please contact us at