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Golf For Wishes - Wish It Forward - Toronto-2022

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Check out our Wish Child Ambassador Owen's Wish Story

We’d like to introduce you to this year’s Golf for Wishes wish ambassador, Owen.
Owen was diagnosed with intestinal failure, having severe dysmotility. This means that he is unable to absorb nutrients normally. Owen lives with a central line which administers a specialized form of food to be infused intravenously, daily, for 12+ hours. In addition, he receives additional fluids to help keep him hydrated, with his medications. Owen has a GTube in his belly to administer medications, as well to decompress his tummy.
When asked about what the wish meant to Owen and the family, his mom said, “The wish was life changing to us as a family. It meant we got to release the fear and anxiety of medical needs for a week and simply immerse ourselves in the joy of having fun and experiencing anything and everything we wanted! The wish brought magic into our life during a time when we needed it most and continues to provide memories that will last a lifetime!”

Owen has a very special message for you. Click the video below!


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