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Golf For Wishes - Wish It Forward - Manitoba -2022

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Check out our Wish Child Ambassador Theo's Wish Story

Wish Child Theodore was born in 2014 with a condition known as Achondroplasia – the most common form of Dwarfism. Achondroplasia is a genetic condition that affects approximately 1 in 25,000 births and is a physical disability that doesn’t affect cognition. 

For the first year of his life, Theo was a happy, healthy child and was only limited by slight delays in his physical develop-ment. However, shortly after his first birthday, Theo underwent a routine neurosurgery to relieve some pressure between his head and spinal column. Although the surgery was successful, it affected his ability to breathe.
After three code-blues in the PICU, Theo was given a tracheostomy tube to support his breathing. His recovery wasn’t quick, as he spent almost a year in the hospital to rebuild his strength. Eventually, Theo was able to go home to lead as regular a life as a little two-year-old would.  We were excited to hear that Theo did get his tracheostomy tube out last April and now everyone can hear his voice which is truly exciting.
Theo loves building things with Duplo, reading books and, most of all, being goofy. He loves math, Henry Danger, hockey, Blues Clues, The Wiggles and loves sushi and potato chips. He’s quite the character with a personality that lights up a room. Despite the adversity he faces, Theo always has a smile on his face. Currently, Theo is thriving in school and leads as normal a life as a young boy would. 
When asked what type of a wish we could grant for Theo, the response was “a boat” so that the family could hang out together. Having grown up going to the family cabin in the Lake of the Woods, Theo asked for a family boat he wants to call Bubba! Theo and his family will be receiving a 2022 Lund Angler boat from Winnipeg Sports and Leisure so that Theo can continue to discover his favourite things in nature – like baby turtles, fish and other wildlife. 

Theo truly is a special young boy who has brought an immense amount of joy to many. As Theo grows and develops, he will continue to turn adversity into opportunity.

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