Bella & Avery's Duck Derby

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In early September, Bella and Avery will be hosting their first ever Duck Derby in Saskatchewan*, to help raise funds to grant heartfelt wishes to other wish kids.

Even though the Duck Derby is only in Saskatchewan, Avery and Bella wanted to make sure anyone, anywhere, can give support to their fundraising efforts!

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Bella and Avery both have rare medical conditions. Bella is awaiting a bowel transplant and Avery has Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.

They are small but mighty medical warriors who want to give back to Make-A-Wish after each having received their own life-changing wishes.

Bella adores princesses and in May 2021 received an outdoor playhouse. Avery loves the water and received her hot tub wish in September 2019.

Thank you for creating hope for children with critical illnesses!


To Make-A-Wish & our Wish Heros, Thank you. Everything you do is how wishes come true for our medical warriors. #foryou #makeawish #wishescometrue

♬ Shooting Star - Barbie


 *only residents in Saskatchewan will be able to participate in the Duck Derby.

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