5th Year...

With more than $32,000 in 5 years I am back at it again. This event means so much to me.

If this is the least I can do to ensure that every eligible child gets a wish then this is what I have to do. I'm not a runner or a spinner - I am more of a cardi-no person. But I do like thrills and challenging myself. You would think that after 5 years this would get boring or old hat. NOPE! Each year I am psyched to do it... until I get to the roof in my harness, step on to the ledge and breathe. I tell myself that I am stupid for doing it... again. But once those first few steps are done the thrill kicks in.

I remind myself that kids, who have been handed a bad deal, have to buck up and take their treatments over and over again - go through hell - to hopefully get better. Kids who are much braver than me. That the efforts I have made fundraising will grant one of them a wish. That wish will be a catalyst for them to fight harder, to think beyond their illness and into the future... bring a smile back to their face and joy into their heart.

I need your help to ensure that another wish gets granted. Please support me generously.
Being my fifth year, consider $50. Let's see how much WE can do TOGETHER for these kids.