Anakin Suerink

Remember this incredible Make A Wish story from 2018?

                                   Joe and Anakin 2018

Anakin needs your support, Red Deer!!

Do you remember the story of the amazing Joe Hittel who raised the funds, through the Make a Wish foundation (MAW) for Anakin and his family to visit Disney World in 2018?

Last year, Joe and Anakin brought happy tears to countless onlookers and family as they rappelled down the Stantec building together, as part of the Rope for Hope to raise money for the Make a Wish foundation. Joe dressed as a brave leprechaun and Anakin as the evil, good guy; Anakin Skywalker. 

Anakin is an 18 year old LTCHS student living with Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy, 2 brain tumors, ASD, syncope, legal blindness, and a chronic pain disorder (Fibromyalgia)

On sept 19th, 2020, they are at it again!

Anakin is already extremely excited to rappel next to his hero and philanthropy award winner Joe Hittel who has recently celebrated his 85th birthday. 18-year-old, Anakin, could not be more proud to be involved with Joe, and the Make a Wish Foundation as well as the 501st Legion – Badlands Garrison, who are also huge fundraisers for the MAW and an important part of Anakin’s world.  

“I never thought I would do anything like this. I have a lot of disabilities and I can’t see. There are a lot of things that are difficult for me. But I can rappel down a building and raise money for kids! And I want to do that with Joe every year!”

Anakin has a goal to raise $5000.00 this year after raising $3200.00 the year before. He also wants more people to come and watch the rappel. 

“I get some people can’t donate, but I hope they can come watch and cheer us on!”

I am asking you… how can you help support Anakin, and Joe this year? Can you make a personal donation? Can you fundraise on your own and donate to Anakin? Do you have items you could donate to Anakin’s family to be sold at their MAW garage sale this summer? Can you donate bottles? Will you come and watch this amazing event on Sept 19th, 2020?

Do you want to rappel and raise money for the MAW?

The MAW foundation is unique in that the money raised goes to children with critical and life-threatening illness to have a wish! And what kid doesn’t have a wish? 

If you want to know more about how incredible and life-changing these wishes can be, ask Anakin (he is always willing to share) or read the family testimonials on the MAW website/facebook. Your donation literally makes wishes come true. How magical!

To learn more about Make-A-Wish® please visit

Every donation counts.  Your commitment will help move Make-A-Wish closer to their vision of granting the wish of every eligible child in communities across Canada.

Please donate and support me in Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope!