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Year five for me and I have come to realize it will always be a little heart stopping standing on the edge of a building but with that comes incredible support and positive team energy!  This is such an uplifting and amazing fundraiser by 'Make a Wish Foundation'  which brings such joy and happiness to children who are battling a life threatening health condition. A child's wish is granted, and in so doing,  gives them and their family a much needed timeout from their difficult situation so they can all experience elation, joy and magic! 

In the 1980's when Make a Wish was more in its infancy, my first son, Christos , who was the  most amazing super hero himself and who deeply loved life and family, was a recipient of  'Make a Wish'.  Christos was battling  cystic fibrosis and during his hospital stay at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, an incredible and caring nurse put his name forward to the "Make a Wish' Foundation. Because of her act of kindness  and Make a Wish supporting us , we were able to travel to Greece to complete his wish before his passing a few weeks later.  So this rappel is not only a heartfelt grateful thank you to ' Make a Wish' but also a 'Pay it Forward ' and a powerful enabler for children and their family and friends to find some happiness and joy amidst their personal struggles and life threatening medical ordeals.

Lisa, my sister-in-law extraordinaire,  and Andrea, my upbeat and kind friend and past colleague  have both bravely volunteered for multiple years although they are not able to join me this year.  From the very first rappel, Lisa and Andrea were enthusiastic, brave and fun!  It was incredibly powerful sharing this life changing experience with them and I hope next year they will be back.  Our team name is the "Raving Ravens' and it just will not be the same without them!  I am waiting for two more super heroes to join the team.

Thank you one and all for your kind and generous donations, for caring and for truly making a difference in a most meaningful and positive way! May you all happily and healthily live long and prosper!

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