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The Great Coffee Challenge 2020

I’ve done something scary.  I signed up for The Great Coffee Challenge in support of Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan.  This means I’ll be saying see you later lattes between November 1-8 and I’d love your support.

Wish kids sacrifice things everyday in an effort to combat their illnesses. Sometimes it’s their favourite food or drink, sometimes it’s activities they love but can no longer participate in. Wish kids give up playing with friends and family, and nights at home in their own bed. By taking part in the Great Coffee Challenge, you’ll support wish kids across Saskatchewan, and help make their own sacrifices just a little bit easier.

You probably know that I’m a bit of a procaffeinator – I don’t get much done without my coffee- so this will be though.  But I’m being a cool bean in the name of a good cause.  Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children ages 3-17 with life threatening medical conditions and with your support we can make a life-changing difference.

Espresso your support by donating today. Thank you for your support.  Every dollar helps.