Welcome to My Personal Fundraising Page for Make-A-Wish!

Every year, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada hosts a nationwide fundraiser, the Rope for Hope, which assists in granting wishes for children with life threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish strives to enrich the human experience through wishes, by providing hope, strength, and joy for children experiencing difficult medical situations.  Our family, and our son Lincoln, has first-hand experience with the magic that Make-A-Wish can provide for children in need, and this fundraiser is very close to our hearts, as we would like to give back and provide the opportunity for other children with life-threatening conditions the opportunity to receive a life-changing wish. 

Lincoln was born with a rare genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome; a mandibulofacial disorder that caused abnormalities in the development of his facial structures. Lincoln was also born two months prematurely, and due to his condition, he had a severely reduced airway which caused significant breathing problems at birth.  He stopped breathing within minutes of his delivery, and was immediately tended to by a team of Respiratory Therapists who intubated him, and rushed him to the NICU at the Foothills hospital.  Shortly thereafter he was transferred to the Alberta Children's Hospital NICU, where he received significant life-saving care. At 10 days old, and only 4 pounds in size, Lincoln received emergency Tracheostomy surgery to provide him with a more stable airway. Following his surgery, he spent a total of 139 days in Hospital, where he fought hard to grow and gain strength. Lincoln is now 5 years old, and still has his Tracheostomy, and is an outpatient of 8 clinics at the Alberta Children's Hospital, which he visits regularly for consistent monitoring and procedures. He requires 24 hour nursing care, and is monitored very closely by his medical team to ensure his safety on a daily basis. 

In the Spring of 2016, when he was 3 years old, Lincoln received a life-changing experience from Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta, where he was lovingly granted his wish to see the trains at Disney World! The trip not only provided the experience of a lifetime, but it also put things into vast perspective. Lincoln's trip originally had to be cancelled, due to severe illness, but was rescheduled through the amazing work of the Make-A-Wish Team.  When he was well enough to travel, Lincoln sprinted through the Airport in eager anticipation of his first plane ride, and did not stop smiling for 7 days! The magic of the trip, the amazing accommodations, and of course Disney World, offered an experience that our family could have never dreamed of. The trip allowed Lincoln to forget about his medical concerns, and focus simply on being a kid. He was able to just be him, and it was the most magical feeling of all. The Make-A-Wish Team worked remarkably hard to ensure that all logistics, and necessary arrangements were made, so that we could travel safely and efficiently, and not worry about anything but enjoying our time together as a family. This provided us with something that we will be forever grateful for.

Make-A-Wish strives to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for children living with medical conditions that no child should have to endure.  A wish granted can help a child feel stronger, more energetic, and more willing to battle their condition or fight their illness.  We cannot express how true this is for our family, and for the inspiring children and families we met on our journey. Make-A-Wish not only provides an amazing experience, but truly provides a renewed energy to take on the medical challenges the child and families are experiencing. 

Due to the tremendous effect the wish had on our family, we would like to take this opportunity to give back and help grant wishes for other children in need. Your support will help grant a wish for other children experiencing life threatening illness or conditions. You can help provide the opportunity for a renewed outlook and additional strength.  Any support provided is so appreciated, and will go a long way to helping grant amazing kids the wish of their dreams – every donation counts!

Thank you very much for your support.  For more information on Make-A-Wish please visit www.makeawish.ca.

Much Love,

Stephanie, Steve, Lincoln, and Theo