175km Hike

Montreal - Ottawa

Donation Page

Hello and welcome to our donation page.

I will briefly describe myself, this page and what our mission is! 

I am Danny, I am 26 years of age from Montreal, Canada.

I was a kid with a dream, as I grew older i kept working and going to school. Forgetting about my dreams. One day I decided to start with a 5km run. This simple run turned to an everyday routine, it has completely turned my life around for the best. I did 1 x half marathon & 3 x 10km marathons, accomplishing my best goal of 37mins in a 10k race. After coming a long way I have now decided to surpass my limits and succeed with my dreams in mind. 

My friend Eden and I have put some serious thought over the last year to really help children in need and whom wish to accomplish a dream but can't due to unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes in life people are not capable of doing excercise, nor leave a bed. So we have come to a conclusion to hike 175km from Montreal to Ottawa to make a kids wish come true.

Our mission is to give children the positive energy to allow them to follow their dreams. Each step that we take will help them out. This gives us great motivation to complete the hike and at the same time gives children ideas to fight for a dream and accomplish it.

Location will be West Island Fairview Mall, to Ottawa Parliment.

It will consist of an adventure with backpacks and hydration. As we plan to hike the full 35hrs.

We will provide proof on our garmin watches and photos of full route. So that everyone donating knows we are legitimate.

Note: the exact date will be announced as we cant predict the weather, we'll need to plan it a few days prior.

If anyone can donate it will definitely motivate us more and help these children in need of this extra money to uplift their dreams.

All participants that donate, the funds go directly to this organization. Nothing will be held by us. You will get full receipt for proof of payment by makeawishfoundation.

If you have any questions feel free to email us.

Thank so much for the support and god bless!