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I am helping transform lives, one wish at a time!

Make-A-Wish aligns with our families beliefs  of giving back and being part of something bigger than ourselves ♡  As a former Educator,  I have always gravitated towards anything to do with children.  Our son was born six weeks early, and while spending the first three weeks of his life in the NICU and Peds Unit, we saw first hand so many children and families who were not as fortunate as our family had been. They required more time in hospital, more care and/or treatment.  If I could help even one child or family look forward  with hope and experience joy during such difficult , overwhelming and emotional times, then of course I want to be part of that! 

This year, I’m showing up as a WOMAN FOR WISHES for Make-A-Wish® Canada, to help raise funds to help children with critical illnesses in my community! 

Did you know that a child is diagnosed with a critical illness every 20 minutes? With three new children facing critical illnesses each and every hour, the need for donations is continuous.

That's why I'm participating. I have an ambitious goal of personally raising $10,000 and I know with support from people like you, I will reach my goal! I’m one of 100 women across Canada who are coming together to raise $1 million dollars in 2023. The money raised will help bring every eligible child's wish to life, because a wish is an integral part of a child's treatment journey.

Will you help me reach my goal by donating what you can, so we can make wishes come true?

Thank you for supporting my Women for Wishes campaign!