Welcome to Rope For A Hope!

   My name is Annie Grigg and I am 22 years old. At 16 I was diagnosed with two kinds of lupus and had to undergo chemotherapy. I was submitted to Make A Wish by two of my doctors and my parents and much to my surprise became a wish kid. My wish was to be a marine biologist and Make A Wish sent my family and I to Hawaii where I worked on a research barge with a team who were cleaning a reef of invasive algae. It was fantastic and more than I ever dreamed it could be. Since my wish, I have had multiple surgeries and medical complications. Make A Wish has really helped me through and I think back to my wish on an almost dailly basis. It cheers me up and gets me through day to day. 

   Currently I am in my third year at Dalhousie studying to be a marine biologist, which has a lot to do with Make A Wish. I wouldn't have had the courage to leave home and move so far away if it weren't for Make A Wish proving to me that I was capable. I am so grateful to them for making my life brighter, healthier and happier. This is my second time participating in the Rope for Hope fundraiser. I had such a blast last time I cannot wait to do it again!  Thank you for your donation. 


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