Hi Everybody!

I'm fundraising again for Make-A-Wish Rope-for-Hope foundation. 

"The Real Estate Marvels" will be rappelling down 29-stories at 700 rue de la Gauchetiere West on Friday, May 24.

Our goal is to raise $6000 (minimum)!  

What's it like up there?  
It's high ... I mean it's 29-stories plus the rooftop!!!!  Imagine trying to figure out "how to get off" the building ledge!  It's nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time!  I still can't look down!  I sincerely have a fear of heights!  But for the children, I can do this again!

You’re "heroes" for the children too!  Your support will allow the Foundation to continue to create powerful wish experiences!

Every donation counts.  Please donate and support "The Real Estate Marvels" in Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope! 

Thank you all again for your full support!

* Donna


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