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Ride Across Canada

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Our group is called the “Legendary Sikh Riders” and we are a bunch of senior motorcycle riders in the Sikh community. We have been riding here in BC together and in India for a long time and we are now in the tail end of our Riding career.

In our Clubhouse meeting we decided to do a road trip across Canada in 2020 but due to COVID-19 everything was put on hold. When 2021 rolled around we were looking forward to riding again. We thought, instead of just going on a road trip burning fuel and tires we should do one for a purpose. 

We then had a meeting that starting this year that we should do an annual charity ride. As a group we voted on facilitating the next generation, which is our children, because children are the future of every nation and race. We decided to go with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada and our trip will take us across Canada asking for donations.

Any funds received will be distributed towards each province that we collect the money from. We look forward to enjoying our ride AND raising funds at the same time.

As a group, we also participate in:

  • the Poker Run
  • the Toy Run
  • the 911 Run

We thought this would be a really good idea to dedicate this Ride to put a smile on the face of the children of our community that we belong too. Please donate today!

-The Legendary Sikh Riders

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