30 Hour Marathon

A personal campaign sponsored by Mike Mathews

June 1, 2018

Support Me

My event is supporting a local Wish Child from Norfolk County.  

Anthony is a 12-year-old boy living with cystic fibrosis. His favourite colour is blue, and he likes soccer. He enjoys BMX and scooters. His favourite movie is Fast & Furious, and he enjoys listening to pop music! We are looking forward to seeing what exciting wish Anthony comes up with!

My Message:

As a child I can remember always being told that, “we are the future”. And as
a child, I can remember thinking, “ok, you need to stop saying that”. As an adult, my
perspective has completely changed on the topic. I can now truly understand how
the future heavily relies on the youth of today. In order for communities to grow
prosperous, and healthy, the children within our communities need to grow in these
kinds of environments. With the ever-growing influence of media platforms –social
media, video games, you-tube - I am concerned about how the youth of today are
going to be affected. I believe heavily in living a healthy, active life, and that
engaging in real life communication with those around us is crucial in order for
society to have positive growth. That is why I have taken on the initiatives of
promoting health and an active lifestyle through these fundraisers. Not only will the
children see that it doesn’t take any superhuman feats to accomplish something that
would otherwise be considered impossible, but we can do these things in order to
enrich the lives of those who truly need it. By taking the attention away from all the
superficial values that have been placed in front of us by media platforms, and
putting emphasis on the values that really do matter – honesty, trust, benevolence,
courage, and loyalty (just to name a few) – I believe the world can become a better

I recently read a really good book, called the “Cool Impossible”. At the end of
this book the author encourages the reader to come up with his or her own cool
impossible. What this entails is coming up with the coolest, biggest, and most
outrageous or craziest dream you can think of trying to accomplish. It’s not going to
happen right away, but when the thought comes to mind, you will know. Well here
it is, my cool impossible: To assist in eliminating unnecessary suffering around the
world. I wasn’t fully aware of this when I ran 4 marathons in 4 days last summer for
Terry Fox, but when I was coming up with an idea for a 2018 fundraiser it sunk in.
And that’s what led me to involve Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario for this year’s

On my 30th birthday I will attempt to run for 30 hours straight around a track
in my home community. The track is a half-mile long. I will begin the run at 7am on Friday June 1 and finish at 1pm on Saturday June 2. In doing so, I will bring awareness to how
Make-A-Wish Foundation falls directly in line with my “cool impossible”. There
is no reason for children to suffer from chronic illnesses, and other terrible diseases,
and Make-A-Wish provides a way for children who are affected, to direct their minds
elsewhere, easing their pain and suffering. Doing this will obviously entail some
suffering and sacrifice of my own, but it’s a necessary suffering and sacrifice. I also
hope that by doing these kinds of events, that the youth of today see it, learn from it,
and follow in my steps by getting active, staying healthy, and getting directly
involved with their communities.


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