Welcome to Rope For A Hope!

   My name is Annie Grigg and I am 22 years old. At 16 I was diagnosed with two kinds of lupus and had to undergo chemotherapy. I was submitted to Make A Wish by two of my doctors and my parents and much to my surprise became a wish kid. My wish was to be a marine biologist and Make A Wish sent my family and I to Hawaii where I worked on a research barge with a team who were cleaning a reef of invasive algae. It was fantastic and more than I ever dreamed it could be. Since my wish, I have had multiple surgeries and medical complications. Make A Wish has really helped me through and I think back to my wish on an almost dailly basis. It cheers me up and gets me through day to day. 

   Currently I am in my third year at Dalhousie studying to be a marine biologist. My boyfriend and teammate, Jacob Branchflower is also in his third year at Dalhousie studying psychology. He is a varsity swimmer and a huge part of my support system. He knows how special Make A Wish is to me and so many other people and has decided this year to fundraise with me. Thank you so much for any contribution you are able to make. It truly changes the lives of sick kids.


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