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Kaleidoscope Kid's Wish

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30 avril 2018

Soutenez-moi !

Magic is in the air!

Sadly, both in the past, and presently, we have watched children, right in our Kaleidoscope family, bravely battle un-thinkable diseases. We want the opportunity to provide that hope, strength and joy to a child and that is why we are dedicated to raise funds to grant a wish.

What is Kaleidoscope is doing?

This April every school will be taken over by a magical day!  We will transform all our preschoolers into Magicians! Christopher Cool, an entertaining and funny magician, will join every class for an interactive magic show!  There will be lots of surprises, laughs and with donations from your family and friends, tada – a wish will be granted!

What can you do?

We need your magic dust (dollars) to make this happen! Please consider donating to help achieve the Preschool’s goal! Don’t forget to ask friends and family as well, let’s all be a part of making a child’s wish come true!

Thank you to everyone for becoming a part of making this wish happen! We can’t wait to feel the magic this April!