Upcoming Events

Date Event
2000/01/0101/01/2000 Start a Fundraiser for Make-A-Wish® Nova Scotia
2000/01/0101/01/2000 Start a Fundraiser / Lancer une collecte de fonds - Quebec
2020/12/1012/10/2020 Coach Mario and his 1969 Mustang convertible travel across Canada
2022/10/0410/04/2022 VanDusen Festival of Lights 2022
2023/01/3001/30/2023 CES Cares $500 Challenge Campaign 2023
2023/03/0103/01/2023 Wish Upon A Dish 2023
2023/05/0805/08/2023 My Wish On A Plate
2023/06/0106/01/2023 Mattel - Making Wishes Come True
2023/06/2006/20/2023 Red Robin® helps wishes come true
2023/06/2006/20/2023 Wing’n It in support of Make-A-Wish® Canada
2023/06/2106/21/2023 20th H.M.C.S Charlottetown Run for Wishes
2023/08/1808/18/2023 19th H.M.C.S Halifax Run for Wishes
2023/09/0109/01/2023 Unilever Making Wishes Come True
2023/09/0109/01/2023 Unilever Making Wishes Come True (No Receipt)
2023/09/0709/07/2023 2023 Trail Westek Golf Tournament
2023/10/0110/01/2023 Timberkids Charitable Foundation| Fondation Timberkids
2023/10/0110/01/2023 CSN Automacs Helps to Make Wishes Come True!
2023/10/0110/01/2023 Calendar of Wishes Northern Alberta
2023/10/0110/01/2023 Calendar of Wishes Ottawa
2023/10/0410/04/2023 25th Annual Masters Insurance Golf Invitational
2023/11/0511/05/2023 Jigs & Reels for Wishes 2023
2023/12/0112/01/2023 Hyatt Regency Vancouver - Gingerbread Lane 2023
N/A 37th Annual RCMP Wish Trees Campaign
N/A Calendar of Wishes 2022 - Central Ontario
N/A Celebration | Célébration
N/A Christmas Tree Lane 2022
N/A Do-It-Yourself | Votre collecte personnel
N/A Golf For Wishes - Wish It Forward - Manitoba -2022
N/A Golf For Wishes - Wish It Forward - Toronto-2022
N/A Host A Sale | Vente
N/A PAMA Golf Tournament in support of Make-A-Wish
N/A Scotiabank Makes Wishes Come True
N/A Seasonal | Saisonnier
N/A Share Love for Wishes
N/A Sports
N/A Stream | Diffusion en ligne