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Alberta Blue Cross Supports Make-A-Wish

All March long, Alberta Blue Cross employees will be raising funds for wishes in our community.

Wishes like Weston's.

I wish to go to Alberta
Weston, 8

Eight-year-old Weston is a typical kid who enjoys playing video games, spending time outside, and movie nights with his family. His life changed suddenly in 2017, when Weston was diagnosed with leukemia. Not only was this a very scary time for everyone, but the family had to split up when the focus shifted to Weston’s extensive medical treatments. Weston’s grandparents helped out; one  set taking in his brother, while his baby sister went to live with their other grandparents. 

After a challenging couple of months of hospital stays and treatment protocols, Weston was ready for his wish. He wished to go to Alberta! Together, Weston and his family headed out on their journey and the fun began from the moment they arrived. After a drive to Drumheller to explore dinosaur fossils, they popped into the WestJet headquarters in Calgary where the staff made  their  visit extra special! While there, Weston climbed into a flight simulator and learned how to fly a plane. He toured a hanger and saw all kinds of different airplanes. He even got to have a live call  with a pilot who was flying a plane! 

Weston’s mom, Catherine, told us how special the wish was, “What a great experience to recognize the impact Weston’s cancer had on him, and limiting what he could do for a long time.” She  continued, “This trip will be one that our family remembers forever!”

You can download Weston's story HERE.

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