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Throughout each season, there are many holidays which makes it the perfect time to fundraise.​ 

Planning your fundraising activity in relation to an upcoming holiday allows you to pick some fun décor to match but also gives an extra reason to give in the hearts of your donors.  Here are a few ideas for each season:  


  • Sell Valentine's Day Roses  
  • Mother’s Day High Tea Party 
  • Sell flower or seeds  
  • Spring Cleaning Garage Sale 
  • Earth Day Hike 
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party 


  • Canada Day BBQ 
  • Picnic and Park Games Tournament 
  • Lawn Mowing for a cause 
  • Swim, Bike or Run-A-Thon 
  • Outdoor exercise class 
  • Car Wash 



  • Pumpkin Carving Contest 
  • Sell Turkeys for Thanksgiving 
  • Chili Cookoff 
  • Craft Fair 
  • Halloween Haunts 
  • Halloween Costume Party 


  • Sell Christmas Wreaths or Poinsettias 
  • Gift Wrapping for a Cause 
  • Santa Fun Run 
  • Ugly Sweater Party 
  • Polar Plunge 
  • Ice Skating Party 
  • Holiday Craft Fair 

Create your own seasonal fundraiser and make an impact today! 



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Set your goal, and raise funds to help grant the wish of every child across Canada.