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Thank you for taking the time to read about us and our mission to help us in making wishes come true!


Danny Wrobel: https://makeawishca.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=20182

Eden Philip: https://makeawishca.donordrive.com/participant/EdenPhilip 

What is a "ruck"?

Military slang; a Ruck is a hike or run while wearing gear or a heavy pack.


Date & Time: April 2022 (Exact Date + Time TBD)

Starting Point: Fairview Mall Parking Lot, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada.

End Point: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Approximate Walking Distance: 175 Km

The exact route along with the points we will be stopping at will be posted on our Instagram Profile. We will also post specific lists of the gear we will be carrying, and more.

While walking we will go live on our Instagram page at specific points to talk to our supporters and let you all know where we have gotten.

Profile: @rucking_for_a_wish

We will take several safety precautions for example:

  • Flashlights and reflective vests while walking at night.
  • Food and water will be carried on us at all times.
  • We will carry equipment necessary to start a fire, make food, purify water, build shelter, etc., incase of emergencies.
  • We are both certified first aid and will each carry first aid equipment.
  • We will check in at specific points with family and on Instagram to let everybody know our location.
  • Our route will be planned in advanced along with other routes in case of unexpected contingencies.
  • We will carry maps, compasses, as well as portable battery packs for our phones and electronics.

Our WHY:

Danny Wrobel is an avid runner. He has participated in 1 half marathon and 3, 10 km marathons and has completed them all. His personal best 10Km run was completed in just over 37 minutes! He runs 10 km 6 days a week at 4 am and more throughout the day.

Eden Philip is an IDF veteran combat engineer. He's no stranger to rucks and to ruck runs. His best so far was a 35 km ruck which was completed in just over 6 and a half hours.

We both are always eager to challenge ourselves both mentally and physically, and came up with this sadistic idea of a 175 Km ruck to Ottawa while discussing the power of the human mind and each person's seemingly unlimited reserves of human potential. 

We decided that a challenge like this could do good for more than just ourselves, and decided that we would try to use this opportunity to inspire children dealing with unfortunate circumstances with the hope that they need to overcome and triumph over the diseases that test them.

Check out our individual Make A Wish Profiles to learn more about us!


A mindset can make a life worth living and give you the power you need to beat down any obstacle blocking your current path. Danny and I are looking to make wishes come true and to show these children that they can accomplish anything that they set their minds to, no matter how grand an impossible task may seem.

We need your help! Will you support our team, so that together, we can make children's deepest wishes come true?



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