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As part of the 48-HOUR RIDE, the contribution of each person makes a difference in the lives of children and their families. Each dollar raised, each partner involved, each volunteer invested, brings a child closer to their wish!

The Shining Star Jerseys allow us to highlight the exceptional contribution of participants who, through their personal investment, are a source of inspiration and motivation for everyone around them and the whole team of the 48-HOUR RIDE.

Thank you!

Because, together we can transform lives, one wish at a time!

philippe yanick


With us for many years, here are the testimonies of our Shining Star jerseys:

PHILIPPE – with us since the first edition in 2007

1) What is the source of your motivation?

It is above all the cause defended by Make-A-Wish which made me participate in the 48-HOUR RIDE. I ride for children! Over the years, I got more involved in the organization of the event and I could see that the money was spent to grant children’s’ wishes. It was important to me.

2) What is your most important memory, funny or moving, during all the editions you have experienced?

Since 2007, I have seen the event grow. At the beginning, we were just a dozen of teams. I remember, at night, when I was riding, it felt like I was alone in the world. It was incredible. The most unusual and most memorable souvenir I have, was a very windy night. We all had a hard time cycling. I spoke to Pierre Theriault and said, "Would you like to make a call and ask everyone to start riding the other way round, so we would have the wind on our  backs? " Pierre spread the word and we all started to roll the other way. We were united and it motivated everyone. It was fantastic!

3) If you were to meet a person who does not know the event, what would you like to convey to them / how would you express to them what the 48-HOUR RIDE means to you?

If I had to define the 48-HOUR RIDE in a few words, I would say that it requires a lot of effort, but it is, above all, very rewarding. It's a weekend in the year, for the kids! Saturday is truly a fantastic day. We can meet the wish children during the Children's Party. The presentation on Saturday evening, the “8 @9”, is important. You can see the impact that the wishes we ride for have on the children’s lives. And it’s extraordinary to see some of them register as participants in the following years, because they want to give back what they have been lucky to have.


YANICK – Le Pois Mange-Tout

One of the comments that cyclists make every year is the pleasure they have in enjoying delicious and generous quality meals. It is the Pois Mange-Tout, a small catering company from Sainte-Thérèse, who is responsible for satisfying all appetites! We asked some questions to Yanick Grohman, President.

1) What convinced you to support the 48-HOUR RIDE?

I was here the very first year of the event. I have seen it grow and that is enough to motivate me to get involved every time. It is a project in which our whole family is implicated.

2) What is the size of the team that feeds all these people for three days?

The company has four and a half people! As the event approaches, friends and family members join the team to work small miracles and use their imagination to successfully serve our riders and volunteers.

Most of the people involved in food production are also present at the 48 HOUR-RIDE to help out as volunteers. They can see why we make all these efforts the weeks before!

Every year, my great pleasure is to look at people's faces! When you think that the first year we had 96 people to feed and this year we will have more than 2400!

3) How does this event reflect your company's values?

My company represents my values. I am a very involved person when I believe that we can make a difference. This is the case with the 48-HOUR RIDE for me.