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All teams will have a spot dedicated to them in the sleeping dormitories, but if you would like to bring your own sleeping arrangements, please see the information below.

Installation Time :

Thursday September 21 - between 17h00 - 23h00
Friday September 22- as of 08h00

•  For Thursday installation please note that the gates will close at 11pm sharp, as there will be no security.

• If you arrive after 11pm Thursday, unfortunately we do not have access to re-open the gate. We suggest you part at the Walmart (approx. 15KM from the site) at: 1333, boulevard Michèle-Bohec, Blainville, QC, J7C 0M4

• Note: After 8am Friday September 13, you can come and go with your vehicle at all times.

  • There will be no showers until Friday at 2pm.
  • There will be no access to the restroom until Thursday afternoon.


Rules :

To have enough space for all people and vehicles:

• Your RVs and tent trailers will be stored in a row to maximize space.

• You will not be able to open your awnings.

• You will be responsible for disposing of your own trash. Please keep it with you or bring it to the main tent to find a trash can.

• You will not be able to use your air conditioner because it will turn off the circuit breaker.


Electricity and water* : 

• There is no access to water.

• You will have access to a 15 amp (120 volt) electrical outlet. 

• You will need an extension cord of at least 100 feet to reach your electrical circuit.


*NEW : 

We also wish to create an area for RVs and Tent-Trailers that will have no electricity. If you do not need electricity for your RV, or Tent-Trailer, please advise us before September 11th, at, indicating your name and the name of your team. It will be our pleasure to install you in the non-electricity zone. 


1) As in the past, the 15 amp electrical outlet is for basic electrical use only. Such as lights inside the RV and Tent-Trailers. If you want to use the air conditioning or microwave, a 15 amp outlet will probably not be sufficient and may blow the protective fuse and interrupt the power.

2) The vast majority of RV's and Tent-Trailers are self-sufficient in electricity for several hours via a battery that can be charged at home, by the alternator of your vehicle, by a generator or a solar panel. If you own an RV or Tent-Trailer you should have these instructions and if not please check with the company you are renting from or the person who is lending it to you.