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There are few experiences more powerful than helping to make a wish come true. A wish transforms the lives of children, their families, volunteers, supporters, medical professionals – and entire communities. Join a caring community of people who improve the lives of children battling critical illnesses. Wish child ambassador Dominique as spearheaded 150wishes.ca with the goal of getting 10,000 people to donate $10 a month to Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario to help ensure that every eligible child in Eastern Ontario and the Sudbury area receives their wish.

Too many children are not getting everything they need to help them fight their illnesses. Research shows children who have wishes granted are more likely to build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness. When a wish is granted, a child replaces: fear with confidence, sadness with joy, anxiety with hope.

A wish-come-true empowers a sick child, giving them the hope that anything is possible, especially their future.
Your gift of time and money is crucial for children battling critical illnesses. When they smile, you’ll smile. See firsthand the power of pure joy when you grant a wish for a child battling a critical illness. A wish experience positively impacts the life of a child – and will forever enrich yours. Join a caring community of people who improve the lives of children battling critical illnesses.

From Wish Child Dominique

Top Ten Reasons To Donate 
“Having my wish come true restored my belief in the fact that life is amazing despite its challenges. I want to wish it forward, so that more children can experience that kind of happiness. I want them to know that regardless of what life brings us, it’s worth it to keep fighting and stay positive. Help grant wishes today – and inspire your friends and family to do the same – there's so many reasons to be involved!  

  1. It’s Healthy and Low Fat! It’s zero calories but so SWEET!
  2. It’ll cost you less than two fancy coffees or dessert and you will actually feel really good about it afterwards! (Guilt Free!)
  3. It actually comes up to only $0.33 a day!!!
  4. You will know where your money goes… straight to wishes!
  5. Because a wish DOES change the life of a child with a life threatening medical condition! (Like me!)
  6. Because you have the power to share the Power of a Wish®…that’s pretty cool!
  7. Because when you buy another pair of shoes you’ll feel less guilty since you also donate to a great cause!
  8. Because every time you see Make-A-Wish® somewhere or hear of another amazing wish granted you’ll be able to say to yourself… WOW I am helping to make wishes happen!
  9. It’s the one monthly transaction on your credit card bill that you will feel happy and good about!
  10. LIFE TIME OF BRAGGING RIGHTS! You get to tell everyone that you helped 150 children in your community get their wish!


It took 203 donations to grant Kael’s wish. Read more.