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Help make wishes come true this year with Mortgage Centre Canada and Mortgage Architects!

Childhood is all about learning to ride a bike, running through the sprinkler on a warm summer day or achieving the highest score on that new video game. The biggest worry a child should have is whether he studied enough for the math test or whether she is going to be picked for the baseball team. Sadly, children suffering from critical illnesses, have this childhood innocence stolen from them far too soon. They are forced to be brave and face fears that no one should have to face. Sometimes all they have to keep them going is a dream; a magical wish that gives them something to be excited about.

To help turn these wishes into reality, MCC and MA have joined forces to extend our reach and raise even more money for these brave children. The average cost of granting a wish for one child is $10,000 and our goal is to help fund as many extraordinary wishes as we possibly can.

Please click on the ‘Donate to this Campaign’ button above to help us bring a moment of relief and unexpected joy to these courageous children and their families.