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TELUS | MAKE-A-WISH Rêves d'enfants Canada

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About Make-A-Wish:

Make-A-Wish creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. We are on a quest to bring every eligible child’s wish to life, because a wish is more than a "nice to have." A wish is an essential component of a child’s treatment protocol. For the wish children and families we serve - finding hope in challenging circumstances is something they have been doing long before any of us heard the world "lockdown." Robbed of the simple joys of childhood, unfortunately hospital stays, doctor's visits and painful treatments are their "normal."

In 2019, we granted over 1,600 life-changing wishes. But as we all know, 2020 was different - and as a result of COVID-19, thousands of wishes are now waiting. Gaming computer wishes are up over 100% in 2021 with hundreds of these wishes waiting to be granted!  We need the gaming and streaming communities now more than ever to help make those wishes happen.

COVID-19 has also resulted in a revenue shortfall of 30%, so we need your support now to ensure that no child waits even one unnecessary day for the life-changing power of a wish.


The TELUS Esports Series will feature a free to play, family friendly game called Rocket League – a high-powered arcade style soccer game, but with customized cars! While most of the current Esports ecosystem focuses on players at the highest competitive levels, we want to enable everyone to participate. So whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced player, the TELUS Esports Series has something for everyone. You get to decide whether you want to play recreationally or competitively in one of two divisions: Casual or Competitive. 


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