Welcome to My Personal Fundraising Page!  

This moment right here...is why I need your support ~ so that other parents get to experience their children have moments like this too! 

My son's wish brought back hope, strength and joy that had been missing for many years as he continued to struggle with his life-threatening medical condition.  His wish gave him something positive to look forward to, something to get excited about with his brother, and a reason to "keep fighting".  On the day of his wish, I remember him feeling like "the luckiest kid in the world" and knowing I would do whatever I could to make that moment possible for as many children as I could, which brings me back to rappel - again! And yes...I am still just as terrified of heights!

This year, I am again gathering my courage and participating in Make-A-Wish® Rope for Hope, rappelling down from great heights, to help grant the wishes of children living with life-threatening medical conditions.  A wish come true helps children feel stronger, more energetic, more willing and able to battle their life-threatening medical condition. For many of them, it marks a turning point in their fight against their illnesses.

You can help make a difference too!  Your support will allow the Foundation to continue to create powerful wish experiences, improving a child’s state of mind, replacing fear with happiness and helping them to feel like a normal kid again.  To learn more about Make-A-Wish® please visit www.makeawish.ca.

Every donation counts.  Your commitment will help move Make-A-Wish closer to their vision of granting the wish of every eligible child in communities across Canada.

Please donate and support me in Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!

Simone Conner - Wish Mom