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Hey! My name is Aidan Cousins, and I am a former Wish Kid. 

In 2018, I was at a gathering with my Royal Canadian Air Cadet squadron having a fun sports day. What I didn't know, was that behind the scenes, I was about to be given a file of papers that would change my life. 

After months of paperwork and meetings with Allison Toye, my wish coordinator, I got my wish granted; to meet with, as well as attend a concert of the band Twenty One Pilots. 

I spent most of my child life struggling with a disease known as Aplastic Anaemia. This targets your bone marrow, rendering your body unable to produce the cells necessary to help your body function safely and correctly. That would mean if I got a concussion, it could mean permanent brain damage. If I got a cut, it would never heal, and a broken bone would never be whole again.

Fighting through chemotherapy and hundreds of different unknown procedures wasn't easy, but at the end I emerged victorious and I owe it to every single doctor and specialist that helped me through it. 

However, years after my remission, I recieved my final trophy of survival: a granted make a wish, a second chance at experiencing the childhood that I lost. 

The Make-A-Wish program exists to give children struggling with life changing as well as terminal illnesses space for hope. Space that they have purpose, and that they are important. A reason to believe they are deserving of the world, and that their battles are not fought in vain and that they are stronger than they will ever know.

COVID-19 has been uncertain and sometimes disasterous for many families. Families who once hoped to go on trips with their children no longer can afford to, and the impact on all our lives is collectively unfortunate. However, our families, friends and communities are more important than ever. 

Right now, the world needs the hope of a wish come true.

And if you could spare whatever money you wish, that could mean one more child gets to bring their fantastical wishes to fruition. To experience life and the world at its most wonderful, it's most beautiful. The Make-A-Wish program gave me the experience of a lifetime, and I hope you can spare whatever funds possible to enable another child to feel the same.

Thank you so much for reading this long excerpt, for it means the world and all its stars to me. If you are unable to donate, please share this around! I would love to meet this $1000 dollar goal for this spring/summer. Let's make this wish team a force to be reckoned with!