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Slim & Sandra's WISH to make WISHES come true!

Brothas & Sistas 31st Annual Car Rally 2021

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Each year Slim & Sandra take part in the Make-a-Wish Car Rally!  The day is full of fun, lots of laughs and steep competition (we all know how Sandra gets!).  It is our goal this year to raise $2500.00 to help grant as many wishes as we personally can to children with critical illnesses.  Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight their battle.  COVID-19 prevented so many of these children last year to actually have their wishes come true, some didn't even get to make one.  We WANT to prevent that from happening this year, so please no matter how big or how small...every single dollar donation helps.

To give you a little bit of insight as to how the day goes, here is a snapshot of what happens for our team.

The day begins at the crack of stupid (Slim's analogy) with Slim, Sandra, Kat the Producer, Super Mario, Run with Dogs and Dozah all cramming into a car.  First stop...JAVA!!!  We then head off to our starting point which is given to us a week before the actual day of the rally.  We get there, drop off our donations, silent auction gifts and pick up the every so anticipated envelope...dun, dun, dunnnn!!!

We get into a line up of cars, open the envelope, sort through the crosswords, puzzles and directions.  Picture this.  Front row - Sandra is in the driver seat ;) Dozah, the ever so patient and chill navigator. Second row - Kat & Run with Dogs, pencils, pens, highlighters in hand looking after the crossword, and the back row - Slim & Super Mario decked out with the technology, puzzles and go pros.  We set out on our adventure, following directions given and answering multiple questions, riddles and crosswords to add to our points.  In the past there has been lots of laughing, crying, screaming, divorces, re-marriages, pants peeing, dog chasing just to name a few!

There are three legs of the race, that you must complete without speeding, answering as many questions as you can and performing any required tasks, (like running out to a cemetery and seeing when Sir John the fifth was born).  All while trying to remain married to our spouses and not wanting to divorce our sisters!

The destination is a surprise, in previous years we have ended up at the luxurious JW Marriot in Muskoka, Niagara Falls, & Markham to name a few.  The evening starts off with drinks, a silent auction and lots of talking about what the name of farm we all passed with the big red horse on top of the barn was called.  A lovely sit down dinner with speeches about all of the children who this wonderful event has helped.  We find out the top three finalists and who won the big trophy AND then the party begins...usually with Slim jumping on the dance floor showing everyone his best Michael Jackson moves.

Once we pull him off the floor, we head to our hotel rooms and wake up to a beautiful breakfast, sharing stories of our husbands dancing on tables and how many ladies hit on them while on their way to the bathroom.  It truly is one of best weekends of the year for our family. 

With your help, we can grant several special wishes to children who should never have to fight for their lives.

Any help, is humbly and whole-heartedly appreciated.

Love Slim & Sandra