Welcome to my page!


This year, I will be paying it forward by helping to Spark Joy and Create Hope for local New Brunswick  children, like me, with critical illnesses  waiting for their wish by becoming a Fairy Godmother!

Make-A-Wish wants to bring every eligible child’s wish to life, like they did for me. Due to COVID-19 many  wishes are waiting. 

When a wish is granted, a child replaces fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope.

Here's a look into what my own wish has meant to me and my family:

Ava was 15 months when we received her diagnosis of MECP2 Duplication disorder, as devastating as this was, we decided that from that point forward, we would, with Ava’s guidance, decide how far she would progress in her life. 

 Since that day, she has followed her own path and written her own story, as unique as she is.  She has always loved the water, from an infant to toddler up until this day, she has been a water baby!  When Ava was nominated by her pediatrician to receive a wish, we knew almost immediately that we would choose a pool for her wish.  

 With Ava being in a wheelchair, everywhere we go, whether it’s an appointment, out to eat, to the zoo, the beach etc. every aspect needs to be pre-planned.  Is there wheelchair parking, is there a ramp to get in and out, what about washrooms…etc etc.  Having the pool in our backyard, is one of the only things in Ava’s life that she doesn’t have to adapt to, this is so life changing for us and her.  It not only brings her joy but the freedom of movement and independence that she doesn’t get when she’s in her wheelchair or other rehabilitation equipment.

 Over the last three summers, we have enjoyed the pool together with friends, family, cousins, neighbors and alone just by ourselves.  Having the lift to access the pool to get her in and out is the key to her independence and safety as well. 

 We would never have been able to provide her with the set up we have without the Children’s Wish Foundation unified with Make-A-Wish Canada and all of its sponsors and volunteers.   What  a wonderful cause bringing joy to kids who face some of the biggest battles and challenges every day in life. 


Will you support Ava's fundraising, so that together, we can make sure that when life returns to normal, no child must wait for their already delayed wish?