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Assent's 24 Days of Wishes Campaign

A personal campaign sponsored by Assent Compliance employees

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Assent has a long history with Make-a-Wish, as we began supporting The Children's Wish Foundation (which has since amalgamated with Make-a-Wish) three years ago. We have helped to grant some amazing wishes already, fundraising for youth like Zander, Jakob and Bria. This year, we are being matched with our fourth wish child, and aiming to raise $10,000 in Assent's 10th year. 

This year, COVID-19 has prevented the Heroes Challenge from happening, but we will take part in the 24 Days of Wishes campaign, and joining other community businesses to try and grant 24 wishes throughout the month of December. 

We can't wait to continue to grant these life-changing wishes to children in our community. 

Below, Assent co-founder, and keen Wish supporter Jon Hughes, joins our 2019 Wish Child, Bria, inside Assent's boxing ring. We went on to raise more than $20,000 to grant not only Bria's wish, but a second child's, as well. 

Below: The Assent team celebrates a Heroes Challenge win with our 2018 Wish Child, Jakob.