Ollie was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in November 2019 when he was 7 years old. His battle with cancer was pretty bumpy with multiple relapses in his central nervous system that caused him to go blind and need a stem cell transplant. He got his transplant last summer thanks to his sister Abby's incredible stem cells and is doing great today!

Along the way knowing that he would have a wish from Make-A-Wish kept him motivated to do all of the hard things and get well. In March 2021 his wish for an epic playspace was granted thanks to generous individual and corporate donors. Every day since it has been gratefully enjoyed by Ollie and his family and is a needed safe haven and fun place to spend time after almost 2 years of isolation due to illness and the pandemic. 

Ollie's 9th birthday is June 26th. In an incredible twist of fate, our dear friend Hillary (who has battled Aplastic Anemia over the past two years) has the same birthday and will be turning 8! So it made perfect sense that these two brave kids would be Wish Ambassador Kids for the Great MAW Campout happening during their birthdays this year! 

Please help us to celebrate their birthdays and "Wish It Forward" for other kids like Ollie and Hillary! You can join Ollie's team and just make a donation to camp out any or all of the nights of the event yourselves, campout and get friends and family to sponsor you or simply make a donation on Ollie's page. All are appreciated!



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