The Dream Team is back to help grant a wish for a child with a critical illness!

Our small team of industry friends – called the Dream Team – is back this year to help grant a wish for a child with a critical illness!

In each year our team's goal was to raise $10,000, and each year we more than exceeded that goal through the generous support of many of you. In fact, in 2017, 2019 and 2021 we raised over $20,000 which means two wishes each of those years! Last year, thanks to all of you, we raised $26,258 - which is the most the Dream Team has ever raised!

Over the past several years we have learned that granting a wish not only brings a smile to the children, but it also brings smiles to the whole family who enjoy a much-needed reprieve from doctors, hospitals, and invasive testing. When you help grant a wish you are helping much more than you can imagine

This year, once again, our team is taking part in the Make-A-Wish® Trailblaze for Wishes event this summer (April 27 - June 25). 

Make-A-Wish® Trailblaze for Wishes is an 8-week virtual event that brings together a community of passionate people to connect and raise funds to change the lives of children facing critical illnesses in Canada.

Make-A-Wish Canada’s goal is to bring every eligible child's wish to life. In 2021, they granted over 900 life changing wishes. Challenges related to COVID-19 persisted through last year, and there are still thousands of wishes waiting to be granted. We cannot grant those wishes without your help.

Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 which is (approximately) equal to one wish for one child. 

And, as part of a stretch goal, we are also going to try to raise $20,000, as we did last year, so we can grant two children their wishes!

What can you do?

We've set an ambitious goal because with your support, we can get there. The money we raise will help bring every eligible child's wish to life, as a wish isn’t just a nice to have, it is essential..

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No donation is too small. Every dollar will help us get closer to helping another child with a critical illness get their wish!

Help us reach our goal, so we can make wishes come true, like Cloey's!


Cloey, 11
autoimmune disorder

I wish to have my own puppy

Cloey lives with chronic daily pain, as well as many other side effects from her illness, which can take a toll on her mental health. Just like most 11-year-olds, Cloey LOVES puppies! After contemplating what she would wish for, she discovered that wishing for her very own puppy would bring her joy for many years to come.




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